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Moving to New Zealand

Wellington Harbour Auckland Harbour Rangitoto Island, near Auckland

New Zealand's stunning natural environment

New Zealand is an island nation, located in the South Pacific, which lay untouched by human hands for many thousands of years. As a result, it has a unique biodiversity of plant and bird species. It has a mild temperate climate, a large number of national parks and a growing tourism sector derived from the country's natural beauty.

New Zealand's stable economic growth

A new HSBC Report predicts that New Zealand will be the top performer in the developed world by 2050, with annual GDP growth of 2.9%. This outstrips predictions for GDP growth of other developed countries including Australia at 2.6%, Canada 2.5%, Luxembourg 2.5% and Switzerland 2.3%.

New Zealand has comprehensive employment law and regulations, and many jobs have flexible working hours, leading to a good work-life balance.

If your family is coming with you to New Zealand, they can enjoy the beautiful natural environment, quality public schools and a well-supported public medical system.